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Michele Marais


Loving exercise Michele spent years doing fitness training in a gym environment. When switching to Pilates she was amazed at the difference to her posture and body shape together with the fitness benefits. She is now passionate about helping others to achieve the same. Her qualifications achieved in 2005 include Exercise Sciences, Pilates, Stability ball training, body conditioning and rehabilitation of injuries.



Vernon Marais

team3Vernon Wesly Marais first started Pilates under the advisement that it would improve his gym and sports effectiveness. Within the first few weeks Pilates had taken away all the lower back pain caused from his weight lifting and helped speed up his overall recovery time from touch rugby and gym. He began studying Pilates in early 2010 to help other sports enthusiast push past their limitations and keep their bodies healthy from the strain placed from repetitive sporting movements. Vernon is now a full time Pilates instructor for all and loves his job.


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